What we do

Technoclasm consult on and build outstanding, digital transformations. We build functional usable web applications and online cloud software. Our brilliant team have decades of experience in delivering outstanding web application. Our clients are from the Private Sector, Public Sector and the Third Sector.


As part of a vibrant and positive community, it is our responsibility to make a positive difference to the place we live. We can do this by:

  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Doing work for local charities and businesses
  • Giving our time and money to projects that help build a stronger community


Our aim is to build a sustainable, and flourishing company in the heart of exeter. We regard both our happiness and the happiness of others as the objective. .

Fairtrade & Living Wage

We proudly pay our staff, and contractors at least the living wage. Likewise for us to live up-to our sustainability and community goals it is necessary for us to charge the professional rate for our services. We are a living wage employer, and promise to pay the living wage to anyone who works, contracts or helps us.

Contact Us

Technoclasm would love you to get in touch. Email us at sales@technoclasm.com.

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